One of my goals in developing Mostly Python is to create an archive whose benefit goes well beyond the individual posts that go out each week. Over time, there’s quite a bit of information here. You can use the Substack search function to find something you know is here, but there’s probably a lot more that you don’t know to look for.

Here’s a list of topics that have been covered in depth. If you click on a topic, you’ll be brought to a page that lists all posts related to that topic.

AI: Posts related to AI, particularly in how we use AI to build projects with Python. Most of these are currently about GPT, but this topic will include other AI assistants and models as well.

django-simple-deploy: This is an open source tool I’m developing. It’s a standalone management command that automates the initial deployment of Django projects to a variety of platforms.

GPT: Since GPT is the most visible of the modern AI assistants, there are a significant number of AI-related posts that currently focus on GPT.

learning: How people learn about programming. This is not just for beginners; programmers have to be lifelong learners, and how experienced people learn is just as interesting as how beginners learn.

lists: Lists are one of the simplest data structures in Python. Understanding them in depth will help you better understand the language as a whole.

optimization: When your code starts to run slower than you like, what can you do about it?

PyCon: These are all about PyCon US, because I have not been to a Python conference outside the US yet.

reader questions: As a Python author and teacher, I get a lot of questions about all aspects of Python. This is a collection of questions that are interesting and broadly applicable enough to warrant full posts.

reflections: Posts that involve very little or no code.

under the hood: Posts that focus on how Python works internally.

workflow: Posts that focus on developer workflows.