Many of the posts on Mostly Python are organized into series, in order to cover a variety of specific topics in depth.

Python Lists: A closer look

This series focuses on lists, and how they can help people develop a deeper understanding of Python as a whole. see full description

Grounding yourself as a programmer in the AI era

This series offers some guiding questions about how to think about AI assistants, evaluates the quality of suggestions that AI tools make, and ends with some takeaways about how to think about these tools as you start to use them. see full description

OOP in Python

This series focuses on OOP (object-oriented programming), a topic that people often start to use without fully understanding. see full description

Testing a book’s code

This series shares how the automated test suite for Python Crash Course was developed. There are many different kinds of programs in the book. The test suite has to deal with all these different programs, so there are a lot of takeaways about testing that apply to a wide variety of projects. see full description

Django from first principles

This series shows how to build a simple but non-trivial Django project starting from a single file. It's an alternative to traditional Django tutorials that start with django-admin startproject and startapp. Even if you've been using Django for a while, you might come away from this series with a better understanding of the structure and function of a typical Django project. see full description

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