Just read

This is a running record of things I've just read, watched, or listened to, that people might be interested in. I don't record everything here; if you see something listed here, I found it quite worthwhile and think others might as well.

5/13/24 Coffeezilla: Exposing a $500,000,000 Scam Gets Dangerous

I really enjoy Coffeezilla's investigations into financial scams. I've known a few people who've fallen for some bad scams, and it's embarrassing and causes real harm.

5/4/24 Django Chat episode 162: Self-Hosted Open Source.

Michael Kennedy runs the Talk Python To Me podcast, one of the longest-running Python podcasts. In this episode he shares a number of reflections on moving from a collection of small servers to one larger server. There's a really interesting conversation throughout the episode about the tradeoffs between self-hosted and managed services.